WordPress Theme Development Course for Developers

WordPress Theme Development Course for Developers
WordPress Theme Development Course for Developers

Som-e upd’ates and good news for those of you who were interested in the WordPres’s Theme Development course. With this course we wanted -to start the journey of tho-se who can customize the theme or know Wor-dPre’ss but want to build themselves as a WordPress developer. We are pleased to announce that we have started the recording by preparing the overall ‘syllabus and planning of the course. Your love was the bi’ggest inspiration. We have divided the whole course into 4 module’s.<>


1. >Word-Press Standard PHP: In this section we will get acquainted with Ba’sic PHP in a very simple w’ay. Because we know many people will not have a programming background. So keeping everyone in mind, we will strengthen the foundation firs’t so that standing on this foundation makes our journ’ey much easier and smoother.

2. >Theme Stru-cture with Project: You will create the theme. Then you must know which t’he-me file works. We will not b-ase this on boring theory a- all. To make the theory more interesting, I will look at its practical examples with each theo’ry. We will get acquainte–d with the functions with practical examples. You will be given a file so that you can prac-tice with i’t. This will make your pr’imary foundation solid.

WordPress Theme Development Course for Developers
WordPress Theme Development Course for Developers

3. >Convert a full HTML template to WordPress: This section will show you ho’w to convert ‘a complete HTML template to a WordPress theme seam to seam by maintaining Standard Coding Style. Since WordPress has 5000+ Functions, it is not possible ‘to cover 100% in any tutorial. But the funny thing is, it’s a lot like learning to cook’. Once you learn well, it doesn’t matter whi-ch stove you are cooking in. How to solve any problem by SARS will be shown practic’ally. If I wrote the code before and sho’wed it to you, it would not be to my advantage. Rather once you figure out how I solve the problem you can easily solve any problem. Better than ‘-me. That is why ‘t is an important part of your journey.

4.> Marketpla-ce Guideline: In this section we will discuss about Marketplac’e Guideline. Becaus’e what do you- do after you finish the course? Stop learning? Not at all. How to improve more. How to make por’tfolio ready. Understand the work ‘and apply. Research will be shown. I believe this will be helpful for your fu’ture WordPress career.


If ‘you have read the whole thing then brother this course is for you. You ha’ve patience, you have desire. Whether you do the course or not, you keep learning. Love from the heart for you. You ‘may still have many questions. That’s why we w’ant to come live i’n the group very soon. Brother Kashim Uddin Masum will inform you about this later. In tha’t live we will try to accept any ‘of your questions ‘or comments. Until then love is for everyone.

Everyone will be careful during this corona. Take care of loved ones. Love is for everyone.

Note: No c’ourse can- cover 100% at once. That’s why we will give f’uture update’s even after uploading content by following our module or se’ction. If you have any problems, new features, etc., we -will keep you u’pdated as long as you want.



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