What Is Outsourcing, Crowdsourcing & Freelancing?

What Is Outsourcing, Crowdsourcing & Freelancing?
What Is Outsourcing, Crowdsourcing & Freelancing?

Outs-ourcing-Crowdsourcing-Freelancing These terms are being used so much late-ly that you can be sure you have h,eard. At least when the government repe’atedly says that through outsourcing Bangladesh will become a middle inco’me country or a rich country, or out,sourcing will be the main source of incom’e of the country. Freelancing

Altho’ugh the words were said, no clear exampl,e was given. Maybe you didn’t want to know eith’er. Waiting for that opportunity to come will come in handy. If you want to be an entr’epreneur by yourself, then briefly know w,hat the issues are. Maybe you can prepare your’self for that.

>Outsourcing – Freelancing
It is n’atural for a company or organization to hire people based on their needs. For exam’ple, an organization needs to create a customized software. That organization can find p’rogrammers suitable for that job. On,e or many according to the work.

The p’roblem with this method is that there is no guarantee that the most skilled prog’rammers will be available. In a w,ord, if people are hired, on the one hand there is a probl’em of efficiency and on the other hand there is an increase in cost.

This c’an be solved through outsourcing. They will give the job to someone (person or organi’zation) who will do the job. If the work is based on the Internet, then it can be done at a competitive cost, just as skilled peopl,e can be found from anywhere in the world. This is outs’ourcing. Use the manpower that you do not have from outside.

>H’ow can you take part in it?
You’ can find work according to your qualifications. Those who work through outsourcing communicate their work through the Internet. You can show interest in doing that. In other wo’rds, if you have your qualifications, experience, manpower and other requirements, you can specify how much it will cost and in what time you can do the job. You will get the job if they a’re satisfied.Freelancing Outsourcing usually requires an organization or a team of a few ‘people with a variety of skills.

You w’ill form an organization or team for ou,tsourcing, or join a team. But what if you want to us’e your skills to work independently?
He has the opportunity well. Think of a job s,maller than outsourcing. An individual (or organ’ization) wants to have their logo created. Of course, it is not possible to give a job to anyon’e. He can find someone who is good a,t this through the internet.

Some institutions play a role here. If you find someone to work with, contact them, these organizations will post them on their website. Contact us if you want to find a job. Apply for the job of your choice by looking at the job list.

If you wa’nt to work in a cross-sourcing way, you need to decide what you want to do (data entry, gr’aphic design, website creation, writing, photography can be anything), to become proficie’nt in that work, to be a member of a crowd sourcing site (usually no No need to pay a fe’e), then regularly apply by looking at the job listing on their site.
You will need a computer with internet connection and money transfer system on the inter’net.

Freela’ncers, O-Desk etc. are very repute,d organizations. There are always thousands of jobs on’ their site. In fact, there is no w,ork that is not available to them.
Freelan’cing is working on a work contrac,t. If you take 500 rupees for someone by writing two pag’es, it is freelancing. Or if you take a picture at someone’s event and take 2000 rupees for that, it is also freelancing. . If ,you look around you will see that there are freelancers in almost all the professions l,ocally.

The m’ain advantage of freelancers is that they do not have a long term contract as they do not have a job so they have more freedom. On the other hand, the problem is that you have t’o find your own work, reputation and notoriety are all your own, you have to do the transac’tion work yourself.

Internet fr’eelancing has made the job much easier. You can easily use outsourcing or crowd sou’rcing as freelancing. In fact, freelancing is so popular today that many people are leavin’g thei’r jobs to become freelancers. Designing a logo for ড 300 or designing a website fo’r 500 can be difficult to compare.

The best pla’ce for this is the internet. The,re are hundreds of websites to provide various information. Become a member if necessary. Whether the country is rich or not, you will have the opportunity to become rich you,rself. And the country becomes rich only when many like you b’ecome rich.

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